Home storage and learning more, a few tricks to clean your neat room

There are items in the home, and items should be considered for storage. The storage of large items is relatively easy, and several large wardrobes can meet daily needs. However, the most troublesome thing for family storage is not the big things like clothes and bedding, but a variety of small items. With a little carelessness, there will be a messy scene at home. In fact, family accommodation, learning everywhere, just look at how we think about the inclusion of this matter.

The choice of storage equipment should not only pay attention to beauty, but also pay attention to durability and durability.

There are many kinds of utensils for storage in the market, ranging from various shelves and cabinets to small storage baskets and hanging bags. Both colors and styles are beautiful. However, when we choose storage utensils, we must consider not only the size and color of the appliance, but also the overall decoration style of the home, as well as the durability and durability of the appliance itself. Also note that the storage device itself must have the function of “multiple use of one thing”.

When choosing a storage device, it is best to choose a white or transparent device. This type of device is simple and simple, and can be integrated with the surrounding environment and withstand the test of time. In terms of shape, it is necessary to carefully select a circular storage device so that the space can be fully utilized during storage.

The place of use is the storage place, and it must be used for its convenience.

Storage, not things are “collected” casually, but for us to use more conveniently. When we are in storage, we have to follow a principle, where to use it, where to store it. For example, towels, toothbrushes, soaps, combs, etc., which we need to wash every day, we can use some partitions or storage baskets in the washing place to put these things together for easy access.

In daily life, all kinds of small things must be placed in the designated position. In the beginning, it will be difficult to do so, but sticking to it a few times will become a habit. At any time, when things are used up, be sure to put them back. After you get into the habit, all kinds of things will be put in place.

Sometimes, there are more things, and you will not think about it for a while, and where something is placed. At this time, we can write a name on the outside of the drawer and the box, or make a clear mark.

Another meaning of storage is “breaking away”

The concept of “broken off” has been popular for many years, but it takes time to really understand the concept. In fact, the other meaning of storage is to “break away”, only to discard the useless things, in order to put useful things in place.

In life, it is not easy to be “broken off.” Some people are not used to throwing things, and they have strong obsessions about various items. They always feel that these things will come in handy one day, or the items themselves have special meanings for themselves. At this time, if you want to store it in place, you must first classify the items to distinguish which items are “need” and those that are “useless”.

The so-called “needed” items are things that have been used in the past year and will be used in the future; some things can be left after careful consideration or can not be thrown away.

There are several types of “useless” things. One type is something that the family has not used in the last two or three years, and will not be used in the future; one is a broken thing, something that cannot remove dirt; the other is something that is not hobby.

After sorting, most items can be identified as needed. Those who don’t need something don’t necessarily throw trash cans directly. Those that can still be used can be auctioned and transferred through the online store. The “needed” items left behind are placed in a variety of storage devices, and when necessary, labels are attached for easy access.

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